Wordpress Performance

Page speed gets more important every day. With Burdy you get a superfast server with a build-in varnish caching system. Not fast enough? Burdy can help you anytime to optimize your website to unlock more speed!

I will speed up your Wordpress website by seconds per page load.

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Performance features for all clients

Varnish Caching For Faster Websites

Designed for dynamic websites, Varnish speeds up the delivery of content. Our Varnish hosting allows you to experience superior website performance.

Browser Cache

Add expires headers to static files. This will ask browsers to either request a file from server or fetch from the browser’s cache. Serving files from the browser is faster.

GZip compression

GZip compression compresses your files making HTTP requests fewer and faster.

Minifing HTML, CSS and Javascript files

To minify CSS, JS, and HTML involves removing any unnecessary characters from within a file to help reduce its size and thus make it load faster.

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Extra performance features for Super Hero clients

Daily performance checks and notifications

Every night Burdy will check how your website performs on Google Pagespeed insights and YSlow. If the results are below treshold a notification will be send.

Image optimization (compression)

Every image on your website will be compressed with Lossy Max compression. This can result in a reduction 50% or more of your image size. This can have a dramatic effect on pageload of your website.

CDN for all static resources

All your static resource will be served from a separate CDN server, optimized for serving images, stylesheets, javascripts and other static resources. Websites with a global audience will have a faster response time.