WordPress Security

Because WordPress is the most used CMS system in the world, it is also the most attacked system. Burdy willl take a the neccasary precautions to keep all malicious intruders out.

Security is vital for WordPress. Luckily, I'm an expert in keeping your website safe!

Security features for all Hero clients

WordPress security features

Security is one of the most important aspects of a WordPress website. It’s the most used and thus the most attacked CMS system in the world. Burdy will protect your website using the following SolidWP features:

  • Ban bad users
  • Block specific IP addresses and user agents from accessing the site
  • 404 Detection
  • Hide Login & Admin URL
  • Change WordPress salts & keys
  • Away Mode
  • File Change Detection
  • Remove Windows Live Write header information
  • Remove RSD header info
  • Remove update notifications from specific user roles
  • Remove login error messages
  • Rename ‘admin’ account
  • Change ID on user with ID 1
  • Change WordPress database table prefix
  • Change wp-content path
  • Force SSL for any post, page, or admin page
  • Turn off file editing in WordPress admin
  • Reduce Comment Spam
  • Local brute force protection
  • Network brute force protection
  • XML-RPC brute force protection
  • Security logs
  • Email Notifications & Digest Emails
  • Strong Password Enforcement
  • File Permission Check
  • Malware Scan

SSL certificate (https)

Burdy will secure all communication with the server with an SSL certificate. A basic feauture for all modern websites and good for your search engine ranking!

Extra security features for all Super Hero clients

Comment spam protection

Do you have a blog or do you publish news items with the possibility to respond in a comment section? You will have a lot of spam comments! No worries, Burdy will protect your website against comment spam by filtering out all the unwanted comments.

Daily security checks and notifications

On a daily basis, Burdy will check if your website is still secure by doing a security check. If Burdy finds any suspicious issues, you will be notified and Burdy will fix the issue.

Free website migration

If you sign up with Burdy, he will migrate your website to our superfast and secure dedicated WordPress hosting platform. Totally free of charge. Sign up in 2 minutes!